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Wordless Wednesdays….

Wordless Wednesdays….Chellah Ruins, Rabat


Wordless Wednesdays, Fountains and Tassles…..


Wordless Wednesdays…..Kasbah des Oudayas, Rabat

Souks and Sardines….

I have really been neglecting this blog of mine over the last few weeks. It just seems a combination of sick children; cold weather and life in general have been getting in the way of all my good intentions of cooking and blogging! Enough excuses though…..  I took a trip down to the Rabat Medina […]

Chicken and Fennel Tagine…..

One of my favourite places here in Rabat is the Rabat Medina.  It is a wonderful place to have a stroll about, looking at little odds and ends without the hassle that you get in some of the larger medinas in Morocco. There is one little courtyard that has a trader I have come to […]

Bento Lunch Boxes….

Collecting parcels here in Rabat is always a challenging affair! Generally any packages larger than about 2-3 books ends up in the central post office to be checked by customs.  Now this: a) involves driving to the centre of town in the traffic from hell and finding parking which is just like finding the proverbial […]

Meat free Mondays, Mausoleums and Mosques….

This morning I had to take our daughter to the paediatrician which is conveniently situated right next to one of Rabats most well known landmarks. As we had some time to pass before our appointment we had a wander around the grounds of the Tour de Hassan before it got packed with people. The two main structures […]

Lamb Shank and Apricot Tagine with Ras el-Hanout…..

I have mentioned the Moroccan spice Ras el-hanout before. I recently found this link which has a good recipe for a combination of some of the spices if you can’t find the real thing! Of course the version straight from the spice souk in the Medina just tastes far better! I used some in this […]

Saturdays and Sailing Ships…..

One of my favourite places in Rabat has to be down on the promenade on the banks of the Bouregreg River, where you look up at the Kasbah des Oudaias. It’s the amazing walls of the Kasbah looming over the river…  the little boats ferrying people between Salé and Rabat for 1 Dh,  the children […]

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