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Blue Mondays and Muffins….

I had planned a post on the wonderful city of Meknes that we visited last weekend, but in view of the tragic events that happened there on Friday I will save that for another day. The 16th Century minaret of the Bab Berdieyinne mosque in Meknes, collapsed during Friday prayers killing 41 people and injuring […]

Horses and Hospitality…..

Saturday was a strange day, not starting quite as we had planned but turned into one of those days that will be etched into our memories forever!  Our local village was hosting their annual fantasia festival this Saturday. It was off to a rocky start with a morning of thunder showers, but nothing was going […]

The end of our Mozambican trip…..

Well after a wonderful 8 days in Mozambique, our time sadly had come to an end and we headed back to South Africa. As I said before I would highly recommend a trip there, the beaches are fantastic and the people are generally unbelievably friendly!!! I hope you enjoyed the journey with me! 

Mozambique Part 2 – Pão – Portuguese Bread…..

For our time in Mozambique we stayed in a small place on the beach about an hour north of Xai-Xai. The beach was about 40 minutes from the main road and the small town of Chissibuca. One of the reasons to head back to the main road, across a rather watery bridge and some seriously […]

Back home…

Hi there everyone! Well finally we are back home, after a wonderful few weeks in South Africa and Mozambique with family and friends. After a month of winter weather, freezing in Natal with snow on the Berg and somewhat warmer in Mpumalanga and Mozambique it was quite alarming to arrive in Casablanca to a whopping […]


Anyone who has travelled with me will probably tell you that the one thing that can cause me a great deal of anxiety is a ferry…..yep, those little ones that cross the Zambezi, can’t stand them, bigger than that even worse!!! But since arriving in Morocco we have travelled to Spain a few times and […]

The longest wait…..

They had patiently waited at the end of last summer for the pool to be completed, (which was started in July)…..but it was not to be….so for the entire winter the daily question has been…when will it be finished….do you think it will be ready for summer… and then yippeeee……..it was……   Just in the […]

A wonderful sandy day…….

So after parting with our rather handsome, teeth grinding friends, we had a quick shower and headed off in a blistering sandstorm with our wonderful guide, Hassan for the day. I will split the day in two sections as it was quite busy!! Now it was quite hot and the wind was making visibility rather […]


This photo was taken of a local lady out “terfezia”  hunting in the area we live.

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