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Mondays and Moorish Mezze Platters……

So I think it’s time I posted more than my standard weekly Wordless Wednesdays which seems to be symbolic of my mindset and life at the moment!!! Too much going on and too little time for blogging! I recently purchased a copy of Greg and Lucy Malouf’s gorgeous book, Moorish! In fact I fell in […]

Souks, Saffron and Stuffing……

I have longed to go to Essaouira since we arrived in Morocco almost two years ago. So as you may know we finally got to go down that way on New Year’s Day. Well, it was everything people said it was and more! What a gorgeous place, not even the debris on the beach from […]

Pomegranates and Za’atar…..

There were two ingredients that had me really excited this past week….  1.  The gorgeous pomegranates that are around at the moment. They are so juicy and there is something about the look of them that just says buy me!!!   2. Za’atar – this is a Middle Eastern spice consisting of thyme, sumac and […]

Carrot, Apple and Pecan Muffins…..

The words that really caught my eye in the Ottolenghi Cookbook, were “We wanted to start this book with the quip, ‘If you dont like lemon or garlic…..skip to the last page.’”! I just knew then that I would love the rest of the book! The book is a wonderful collection of recipes based on […]

Beetroot Gazpacho….

One of my favourite recipe books has to be Moro East by Sam and Sam Clark. It combines so many of the flavours I love both from Morocco and Spain in some wonderful recipes. (In fact I love their other two books, The Moro Cookbook and Casa Moro  as well!).  I saw their recipe for […]

Some of the flavours that just taste of Morocco to me have to be the combination of lemon, olives, fresh coriander and flat leaf parsley! All produce that is found in abundance here and form part of so many Moroccan dishes.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but one of my favourite Moroccan […]


I have always loved “little bites”. In fact I think I could have an entire meal simply made out of little bits of perfectly cooked (or not) food with simple, good quality ingredients. So needless to say I was delighted when I received a copy of the book, amuse-bouche, by Rick Tramonto for my birthday. […]

Rose Water Meringues…..

     In most the markets in Morocco you will find a vendor selling dried rose buds and gorgeous rose water. It is used in everything from deserts and pastries to cooling eye patches… It is a wonderful delicate flavouring and adds such a unique taste to everything. I saw these in Julie Le Clerc’s […]

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