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Blue Mondays and Muffins….

I had planned a post on the wonderful city of Meknes that we visited last weekend, but in view of the tragic events that happened there on Friday I will save that for another day. The 16th Century minaret of the Bab Berdieyinne mosque in Meknes, collapsed during Friday prayers killing 41 people and injuring […]

Strawberries and snow……

There has been an unlikely combination of events and food in our life over the last week, things that shouldn’t rightly be together but just happened to be….snow and strawberries…   Morocco seems to have joined the rest of the Northern Hemisphere in the big chill and this last weekend we had a great time […]

Persimmon and Walnut Bread……

Persimmons have been available for the last few weeks here in Morocco and of course when I saw them I had to buy some. I then left them languishing about until they were well and truly ripened (read, left them in the fruit basket and forgot about them!!!). You can read more about the different […]

Carrot, Apple and Pecan Muffins…..

The words that really caught my eye in the Ottolenghi Cookbook, were “We wanted to start this book with the quip, ‘If you dont like lemon or garlic…..skip to the last page.’”! I just knew then that I would love the rest of the book! The book is a wonderful collection of recipes based on […]

Happy Halloween……

When the ghosts come out….whoooo……when the goblins shriek….eeeeek…… is what my youngest has been singing non-stop for the last two weeks and now seems to be imprinted on my brain!!!! Halloween is here, and we are even celebrating it in Morocco!! When we first arrived here we seldom saw decorations for Western holidays such as […]


One of the other fruits in season here in Morocco at the moment is figs. They are literally dropping off the trees and for those without a tree; they cost about 5 Dirham (US$ 0.63) for a kilogram! Figs are loaded with fibre and have the highest overall mineral content of all common fruits.Morocco is […]

Fig, Lemon and Rosemary Biscotti……

Our house is a crazy mess at the moment. We are furiously packing, and as those of you with kids will know that the prospect of packing for three of them to go on holiday is quite challenging!! Especially when you have a soon to be 4 year old ripping all the packed items out […]

A wonderful sandy day…….

So after parting with our rather handsome, teeth grinding friends, we had a quick shower and headed off in a blistering sandstorm with our wonderful guide, Hassan for the day. I will split the day in two sections as it was quite busy!! Now it was quite hot and the wind was making visibility rather […]

Rose Water Meringues…..

     In most the markets in Morocco you will find a vendor selling dried rose buds and gorgeous rose water. It is used in everything from deserts and pastries to cooling eye patches… It is a wonderful delicate flavouring and adds such a unique taste to everything. I saw these in Julie Le Clerc’s […]

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