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Souks, Saffron and Stuffing……

I have longed to go to Essaouira since we arrived in Morocco almost two years ago. So as you may know we finally got to go down that way on New Year’s Day. Well, it was everything people said it was and more! What a gorgeous place, not even the debris on the beach from […]

Chicken and Fennel Tagine…..

One of my favourite places here in Rabat is the Rabat Medina.  It is a wonderful place to have a stroll about, looking at little odds and ends without the hassle that you get in some of the larger medinas in Morocco. There is one little courtyard that has a trader I have come to […]

Vegetable Tagine….

So Meat Free Monday was a huge success in our house yesterday, following on the beetroot gazpacho for lunch we had a lovely vegetable tagine for dinner! Tagines are really easy to throw together and if you don’t have a tagine, just use a saucepan with a tight fitting lid! You could serve this with […]

Horses and Hospitality…..

Saturday was a strange day, not starting quite as we had planned but turned into one of those days that will be etched into our memories forever!  Our local village was hosting their annual fantasia festival this Saturday. It was off to a rocky start with a morning of thunder showers, but nothing was going […]

Some of the flavours that just taste of Morocco to me have to be the combination of lemon, olives, fresh coriander and flat leaf parsley! All produce that is found in abundance here and form part of so many Moroccan dishes.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but one of my favourite Moroccan […]

Lamb Shank and Apricot Tagine with Ras el-Hanout…..

I have mentioned the Moroccan spice Ras el-hanout before. I recently found this link which has a good recipe for a combination of some of the spices if you can’t find the real thing! Of course the version straight from the spice souk in the Medina just tastes far better! I used some in this […]


Whichever way you prefer to spell it, Tagine along with couscous, has to be one of the dishes most synonymous with Moroccan cuisine. In Morocco it is mostly spelt tagine. Couscous is traditionally prepared on Fridays, whilst tagine is eaten pretty much on a daily basis. Tagine refers both to the pottery dish with a […]

A slight change in temperature…..

So, sadly as all good things do, our lovely long weekend came to an end and it was time to head home. We waved a fond farewell to the lovely staff at the Ksar Bicha…. and had a last glimpse of the dunes bathing in the morning sun and got on our merry way….


 Time to move on after a wonderful lunch…… ….. Fossils…… This area is full of them and you see them being sold all along the roadside in all shapes and sizes. We visited an area with fossils beds, where natural fossils, millions of years-old are found. I am certainly not a geology expert of any […]

The Camel

 The Camel has a single hump, The dromedary two, Or is it just the other way, I’m never sure — are you? Ogden Nash Well in fact, it is the other way around…the dromedary camel has one hump!  Ten years ago, for our honeymoon we went elephant riding in Zimbabwe, so what a better way […]

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