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Microwaves and Mealie Bread…..

I pride myself on the fact that I have never used a microwave for anything else than reheating some foods, melting butter and chocolate and occasionally making popcorn in…I have never even made “chocolate cake in a mug” – I promise!!!! But seeing as its a new year, with lots of new things going on [...]

Bento Lunch Boxes….

Collecting parcels here in Rabat is always a challenging affair! Generally any packages larger than about 2-3 books ends up in the central post office to be checked by customs.  Now this: a) involves driving to the centre of town in the traffic from hell and finding parking which is just like finding the proverbial [...]

Lunch boxes….

I am sure that as it is for me, there are millions of other moms out there for whom the daily task of packing lunchboxes is a never ending battle to come up with different ideas that will keep kids well nourished and interested in their lunch!!!   We don’t really get a wide variety of [...]

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