Microwaves and Mealie Bread…..

I pride myself on the fact that I have never used a microwave for anything else than reheating some foods, melting butter and chocolate and occasionally making popcorn in…I have never even made “chocolate cake in a mug” – I promise!!!! But seeing as its a new year, with lots of new things going on in my life I decided to throw caution to the wind and try out this Microwave Mealie Bread from Sustained Energy for Kids….well I take back some of the bad things I have ever said about microwave cooking, it was fantastic and super easy.

This is a great book with wonderful lunchbox ideas and easy family meals. All the recipes have the Glycaemic Index (GI) and Glycaemic Load values as well as loads of handy tips and ideas.


I have adapted the recipe somewhat to make it gluten free and as we don’t get tinned sweetcorn here had to be a little inventive! Delicious recipe and the bread lasted for two days in an airtight container.

Gluten Free Microwave Mealie (Corn)  Bread

30 ml Gluten Free flour (I used Marks and Spencers type) – use cake flour if you like

60ml Brown Sugar

150ml Polenta (use maize meal if you can find)

100ml Oat Bran (use Gluten Free Oats if you are concerned about the possibility of gluten in oats)

7ml Baking Powder

2,5ml Salt

7,5ml Mustard Powder

15ml Canola Oil

3 eggs

125ml soya milk (or use skimmed)

1 tin corn (385g) – I blended this with a handblender and added about 25ml milk to get the consistency of sweetcorn.

5 ml parsley (which I forgot to put in :) )


Grease a silicone loaf tin or other suitable microwave container and sprinkle with paprika.

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

In a seperate bowl, beat together the oil, eggs, milk and add the sweetcorn and parsley.

Add this to the dry ingredients and mix well.

Pour into the loaf tin.

Microwave on 70% power for 12 minutes, then at 100% power for 2 minutes. If the top is still moist, put it in for another few seconds.

Turn out of mould and slice.

Perfect served with grilled chicken and salad.


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