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Happy Halloween……

When the ghosts come out….whoooo……when the goblins shriek….eeeeek…… is what my youngest has been singing non-stop for the last two weeks and now seems to be imprinted on my brain!!!! Halloween is here, and we are even celebrating it in Morocco!! When we first arrived here we seldom saw decorations for Western holidays such as […]

Tomato and Bacon Risotto…or not….

Two things I am a huge fan of are…risotto…and magazines! Well you may be wondering what the two possibly have to do with each other. In Morocco we really battle to get English publications, and as gorgeous as the French and Moroccan publications are, my language skills are still sorely lacking and translating page after […]

Vegetable Tagine….

So Meat Free Monday was a huge success in our house yesterday, following on the beetroot gazpacho for lunch we had a lovely vegetable tagine for dinner! Tagines are really easy to throw together and if you don’t have a tagine, just use a saucepan with a tight fitting lid! You could serve this with […]

Beetroot Gazpacho….

One of my favourite recipe books has to be Moro East by Sam and Sam Clark. It combines so many of the flavours I love both from Morocco and Spain in some wonderful recipes. (In fact I love their other two books, The Moro Cookbook and Casa Moro  as well!).  I saw their recipe for […]

Quick and easy Noodles with Pork…..

This is one of those quick and easy dishes, perfect for the middle of the week when the time just seems to be rushing by. You can use any vegetables you have that are suitable for a stir fry! You can also subsitute the pork for chicken or beef. 500g cubed pork, marinated in soya […]

Butternut and Red Pepper Salad…..

 We took advantage of the absolute glorious weather we are having at the moment to enjoy a wonderful barbeque with friends yesterday! A perfect opportunity to use the last of the butternuts we got in Ceuta!  I saw a recipe for fried pumpkin, potatoes and peppers a few weeks back and thought it would convert […]

Bento Lunch Boxes….

Collecting parcels here in Rabat is always a challenging affair! Generally any packages larger than about 2-3 books ends up in the central post office to be checked by customs.  Now this: a) involves driving to the centre of town in the traffic from hell and finding parking which is just like finding the proverbial […]

Thai Beef and Glass Noodle Salad

Wow, not sure what happened to this week but suddenly Friday is looming and all I seemed to have done is sit in Rabat traffic for the last 4 days! I also can quite simply not believe it is already October! Hopefully next week will be more productive! This is a quick and easy starter […]

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