Lunch boxes….

I am sure that as it is for me, there are millions of other moms out there for whom the daily task of packing lunchboxes is a never ending battle to come up with different ideas that will keep kids well nourished and interested in their lunch!!!

  We don’t really get a wide variety of ready “pre-packed” foods here in Morocco so it is always a challenge to ensure they get a little something different each day!

I have been scrolling through some of the bento sites and a few others out there for the last few weeks in my search for some new things to do! There are some really easy ways and great ideas that kids will just love! There are also lots of time and money saving tips, many showing ways to use leftovers and loads of alternatives to the conventional sandwich!  There are also tips on how to use stuff that you already have such as silicone muffin cups, cookie cutters and other items in the house as opposed to going and spending a lot of money.

 It does take a bit of planning and a little more effort than putting some butter on bread and slapping a piece of cheese in between, but far healthier for your child!


 So this is my first post on my endeavour towards healthier lunchboxes, consisting of:

 Sliced beans, peas and bunny carrots cut with a cookie cutter, with a drizzle of olive oil

Leftover cottage pie

Boiled egg with mayonnaise

Mixed dried apricots, cranberries and peanuts

A packet of soya and fig biscuits

Bottled strawberry water

Takeaway tomato sauce sachet for the cottage pie

Fork, spoon, serviette and little packet of tissues


I came across Coffee and Vanillas blog recently and it is packed with super cute ideas for lunchboxes and heaps of good info!

There are thousands of links for bento and other sites, a few of the ones I have visited include:,23815.asp


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One Response to “Lunch boxes….”

  1. on 18 Sep 2009 at 4:57 pm cookie cutters

    really great ideas, I too strive to put healthier lunches in my child’s lunch box. I saw a cute idea the other day where a mom was cutting her kids sandwiches with a cookie cutter to make it look more “fun” for the kids. Fun looking food tastes a little better to kids! : )

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