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Butternut, Sweet Potato and Sherry Soup for Meat Free Monday….

Meat Free Mondays……..  There is definitely something very comforting about butternut soup. With autumn in full swing here and a definite nip in the air at night this is a perfect light meal. If you don’t have kids (or your kids don’t mind chilli) add a few slices of red chilli when you add the [...]

Horses and Hospitality…..

Saturday was a strange day, not starting quite as we had planned but turned into one of those days that will be etched into our memories forever!  Our local village was hosting their annual fantasia festival this Saturday. It was off to a rocky start with a morning of thunder showers, but nothing was going [...]

A little bit of Spain in Africa…

On the Northern tip of Morocco, just east of Tangier, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, there is a little piece of Spain called Ceuta, in fact further along the coast there is another one as well known as Melilla. The closest for us is Ceuta or Sebta as it is sometimes known in Morocco. [...]

Lunch boxes….

I am sure that as it is for me, there are millions of other moms out there for whom the daily task of packing lunchboxes is a never ending battle to come up with different ideas that will keep kids well nourished and interested in their lunch!!!   We don’t really get a wide variety of [...]

Meat free Mondays, Mausoleums and Mosques….

This morning I had to take our daughter to the paediatrician which is conveniently situated right next to one of Rabats most well known landmarks. As we had some time to pass before our appointment we had a wander around the grounds of the Tour de Hassan before it got packed with people. The two main structures [...]

Memories of the summer…..

Summer is slowly fading away up here in the North. There is crispness to the air at night and we have even had our first rains for the season. Soon the lovely long summer will be just a memory and we will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next one! For the last two [...]

Some of the flavours that just taste of Morocco to me have to be the combination of lemon, olives, fresh coriander and flat leaf parsley! All produce that is found in abundance here and form part of so many Moroccan dishes.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but one of my favourite Moroccan [...]

Green Olive, Roast Tomato and Garlic Tapenade…

Earlier today I was eyeing out the artichoke tapenade over on David Lebovitz’s wonderful site and decided it was definitely too long since I had made this delicious dish! We are very fortunate in Morocco to get a wonderful supply of relatively inexpensive olives. So the perfect oppurtunity to use them! Tapenade is French in origin and [...]

Salmon and Sweet Potatoe Pies…..

Hi there everyone! The kids are loving school and other than the humidity and the crazy traffic at the moment (a story for another day) things are going well. It is quite a thing getting used to the sights and sounds of city life when you are not used to it! We have a nice [...]

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