Mozambique – Part 1


We love travelling in Africa and there is nothing better than the sights, smells and sounds of arriving in a new country. Whilst there are many similarities between the countries in the Southern African region, to me they each have their own unique charm. We had the pleasure of visiting Mozambique on our recent trip down South.


This former Portuguese colony was ravaged by civil war from about 1977 to 1992 and is still struggling with enormous social and developmental issues.


It is however a wonderful country to visit. We have been privileged to have been there on several occasions and have seen both the coastline and some inland areas. It most visited for it’s close to 2500kms of coastline, made up of some of the most pristine beaches in Africa. Portuguese is widely spoken and the old buildings are a distinct reminder of the countries colonial past.



Just driving along and observing people going about their daily lives is one of the things I personally enjoy the most. The quirkiness’s that you see, sign posts, hawkers….. The people are friendly and hospitable and I am sure that responsible tourism will help aid the development of this fantastic country that has so much to offer. So join me for the rest of this week for a little trip through the country and a little taste of some of the food on offer…….


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