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THIS BLOG IS ON HOLIDAY UNTIL 25 JULY   I can hear you all muttering…but you just got back from holiday…yes, yes I know, but this is different. We are heading back home to South Africa for a few weeks. My husband gets to take a well deserved break, we get to see family and [...]


One of the little villages nearby where we were staying was the very picteresque little village called Casarabonela. It is situated in the Guadalhorce Valley, surrounded by olive groves and farmlands and on the perimeter of the Sierre da Les Nieves National Park. It has a population of fewer than 3,000 people and the layout [...]


One of the best things about summer here and in Europe is the late summer nights you can enjoy! In Spain the sun was only going down at ten at night and here in Morocco we are an hour behind, so it generally goes down at about nine at the moment. Lots of time to [...]

Aubergines with honey…..

Aubergines with honey…or in Spanish… berenjenas con miel I had this dish twice in Spain during our stay, the first time in a restaurant in Alhaurin el Grande and the second time in Casarabonela. It certainly was not a combination of two ingredients that I would put together, so I had to try it. It [...]


Having had to make do with Chinese after spotting those gorgeous sardines down on the beach, we were beyond delighted to find a little restaurant called Pena Flamenca Alcasarin in the town of Monda which had its very own little boat with sardines cooking outside the front door!! Monda is a small town, just off [...]


Hi everyone, well here we are safely back in Morocco again. Sadly we had to cut our trip short but we still had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks in Spain! Every time we go to Spain I fall just a little bit more in love with the country! Last year we [...]

Flavours of Spain……

Pork and potatoes feature heavily in most menus in this part of Spain. Here are two Spanish type dishes that we had today, very easy to cook and full of the flavours of Spain! Paprika Potatoes 5 Medium potatoes cut into wedges 1 red onion, cut into wedges 2 small tomatoes cut into wedges 3 [...]

Simple food….

I have been trying to think of what it is that attracts us to Spain and it always comes back to the rather casual way of life here and of course the good food. Things really operate at their own rhythm….and it takes a while to get used to. We have somehow adjusted ourselves that [...]

Romeria de Coin…

Last Saturday we were driving down towards Malaga which requires a drive through the town of Coin. As it happened we missed our turning and before we knew it we were slap bang in the midst of a parade of sorts. Turns out it was the annual Romeria. We had no option but to pull [...]

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