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Anyone who has travelled with me will probably tell you that the one thing that can cause me a great deal of anxiety is a ferry…..yep, those little ones that cross the Zambezi, can’t stand them, bigger than that even worse!!! But since arriving in Morocco we have travelled to Spain a few times and [...]

Fig, Lemon and Rosemary Biscotti……

Our house is a crazy mess at the moment. We are furiously packing, and as those of you with kids will know that the prospect of packing for three of them to go on holiday is quite challenging!! Especially when you have a soon to be 4 year old ripping all the packed items out [...]


I have always loved “little bites”. In fact I think I could have an entire meal simply made out of little bits of perfectly cooked (or not) food with simple, good quality ingredients. So needless to say I was delighted when I received a copy of the book, amuse-bouche, by Rick Tramonto for my birthday. [...]

Saturdays and Sailing Ships…..

One of my favourite places in Rabat has to be down on the promenade on the banks of the Bouregreg River, where you look up at the Kasbah des Oudaias. It’s the amazing walls of the Kasbah looming over the river…  the little boats ferrying people between Salé and Rabat for 1 Dh,  the children [...]


Whichever way you prefer to spell it, Tagine along with couscous, has to be one of the dishes most synonymous with Moroccan cuisine. In Morocco it is mostly spelt tagine. Couscous is traditionally prepared on Fridays, whilst tagine is eaten pretty much on a daily basis. Tagine refers both to the pottery dish with a [...]

A little bit of home…..

Rabat hosts an annual music festival called the  “Festival Mawazine,  Rhythmes du Monde”. The rundown for this year has been: 9 days 9 venues 100 concerts 5 continents 40 countries There are stages erected around the city and nightly performances. And the best part is that most of the concerts are free!! The artists include, [...]

The longest wait…..

They had patiently waited at the end of last summer for the pool to be completed, (which was started in July)…..but it was not to be….so for the entire winter the daily question has been…when will it be finished….do you think it will be ready for summer… and then yippeeee…… was……   Just in the [...]


For some reason I find myself buying fennel most weeks, with all good intentions of trying new and exciting recipes with it, but alas, I always seem to find it lurking at the back of the fridge a few weeks later! It is a great vegetable, which certainly, in our house, doesn’t get used as [...]

Red Pepper and Chickpea Hummus

I was reading Jeanne’s post on some very delicious looking Chickpea and Paprika Crostini over at and after hopelessly failing the chickpea quiz decided I should stick to the preparation of them instead!!! I love chickpeas and always keep a packet ready to use in my freezer. So combined with some leftover roasted red [...]

A slight change in temperature…..

So, sadly as all good things do, our lovely long weekend came to an end and it was time to head home. We waved a fond farewell to the lovely staff at the Ksar Bicha…. and had a last glimpse of the dunes bathing in the morning sun and got on our merry way….

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