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Overnight in the Atlas Mountains….

Leaving the highway behind, you slowly wind your way up the Middle Atlas Mountains. Through the town of Azrou and on up, through the cedar forests. Some of the cedar trees up here are enormous as you can see!!  As you wind your way along the roads you can see the remains of the winter [...]

(Another) Road Trip……

Hi there everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! So yep, we were fortunate enough to go on (another) road trip. With the kids being homeschooled we are in the fortunate position that we can do things like this, so whenever DH has a gap in his schedule we use it to do [...]

Round and round the mulberry bush…..

I imagine most people have come across a mulberry tree in their lives. For some reason they always remind me of being a child…those gorgeous ripening fruits…all purple and squishy…staining your feet and clothes…..or even just the simple rhyme of…  Here we go round the mulberry bush, The mulberry bush, The mulberry bush. Here we go [...]


Now you might remember that gorgeous crate of strawberries that we bought a few weeks back near Asilah…so this is what happened to them (of course there were some losses incurred along the way, too many little mouths and fingers in this house!!)…   First up some wonderfully easy Strawberry Jam….   4 cups crushed strawberries 4 [...]

Spring Flowers….

We went for a drive today, and despite the recent cold weather we have been having, the countryside is defiantly still saying it is definitely SPRING…….   There are fields of colour everywhere, poppies, wild chamomile, French lavender and yellow daisy- like flowers wherever you look…..         Under the olive groves….    [...]

Tuna and Bean Salad

I was taught this version of an old recipe many years ago by a very special English lady who was the then partner of the owner of the game lodge I cooked for. She always made it sound so exotic…apparently similar to that made by the sailors as it can almost completely be made from [...]

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